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Reliance Jio Scam Alert – is a fake website, Stay Away !

Hello Users , Hope You All Enjoying Our Loot Deals , Tricks , Offers ,Scripts Etc Now Today I Am Here With An Off-The-Topic Article  To Informing You To Become Aware of a “Fake Promotion” going on name of Reliance 4G Jio Sim.

Might You Heard About This That Cellular Company Reliance has launched their 4G Service named – Reliance Jio and offered Reliance Jio 4G Sims to people through employee invites at just Rs 200 with 80 GB free data and that too at blazing fast speeds which you most likely would never have experienced before ! Due to this , the craze & Fame of getting this sim is growing among the people. However, its not that much easy to get this sim connection as it needs an invite from a Official Reliance Employee.

Reliance Jio Scam Alert - is a fake website, Stay Away !

Well, this became a business idea for someone To Make His Website Viral & To Gain Huge Traffic & Attention Of Users and they launched a website – where they started convincing people that if they share their personal details and then share their website on 5 whatsapp groups, they will provide them this 4G service free of cost !

And You Know Specially In India , people just love free things With Checking Where The Source Is Authentic Or Not  and for some of them -Sharing their personal details and then sharing it with 5 groups is no big task if they are getting something for free as we have already seen this type of scams which happened with Samsung Curved TVs scam. I have been receiving a number of whatsapp messages from my users regarding this Jio thing from the past few days and that’s when I decided to spread awareness regarding this fake promotion so that people can save their time.

What is ?

This is a website that is promising to choose random users to award them free 4G SIMs with said data packs and below are the the steps a user needs to make to get their name registered for the lucky draw –

a) Provide your personal details where you need to select Your State and Provide Your Current Mobile No & Email.

b) Then You Have To share a promotional message of this website on 5 whatsapp groups.

c) Final Step is downloading an app and installing it.

Why we call it “Scam” ?

Is the website looking quite cool to you and you are thinking to do the complete process in order to get a Sim. Well wait. Read the following points and then decide by yourself Whether We Are Advising You Right Or Not.

  • Firstly, the website is completely new with No Official publicity & Very Low Alexa Rank  and this program is not an official one launched by Reliance Jio
  • Secondly, when the website asks you to share the whatsapp message on 5 groups, you can actually just click on “Share on Whatsapp” 5 times and without even sharing it actually, it will count it as being shared on 5 groups Means it doesn”t have real time tracking that whether user shared it or not. A genuine program would never have been such poorly programmed.
  • Poor use of English Language on website – Just have a look at their language skills.

Get-Reliance-Jio’ this is only the name of domain and/or nothing
The contest will choose random users to award them free 4G SIMs with said data packs. Get-Reliance-Jio is not getting pressureto participate this is your own decission

  • Then they also ask you to download an app which requires at least 30 permissions like even accessing your USB Storage, permission to delete the contents and much more. Why do they need these things ?


  • Last but not the  least – Drama of a lucky draw. Now that’s their strong point. They know since they have named it a lucky draw, people will never come to know who won or not and they will never question even they don’t win ! Smartly they panned this & played by giving it name of Lucky Dra.

Why are they doing this ?

The answer is pretty simple – To get people’s personal data & to get traffic on their website.

Now the decision is up To You – Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time in this scam/

Thanks people for reading this article. I hope it was helpful & It Might Help You In Being Aware Of This Scam. Also please share it with Your Friends and make them aware as “The first step towards change is awareness”.


  1. Thanks bro

  2. The App which they keep on 2nd step is affiliated Apps.When we will download this Apps then they will Get Rs.30 to 60.Pls tell me from where they brought this afflicted Apps.

  3. Thanks a lpt bro…
    Always best posts .
    Keep it up .. thanks again for inform… !!
    The best site ever.. amazing …!! I am lover of this site specially like Ur all genuine posts + online scripts.. !! Keeep it up subh4U team..!! Be best !!!!

  4. is this offer valid for the peoples of kashmir

  5. But i shared that invite with 2 whatsapp contacts…. Will there be any loss of my personal data.?

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