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Amazon Lightning Deals – Get Upto 70% off on Everything

Dear Users…..
Every day Amazon is offering Lightning Deal on everything from toys to electronics to household products, clothing and more! Add sparkle to your life through these offers. We help you to save your time and money through the Amazon deal of the day and sort through them really fast. It’s Just a click away! Show your glamor through utilizing attractive Amazon offers of the day. 
IMPORTANT: Lightning deals working a different manner. If any deal is 100% claimed then join waitlist and keep refreshing every 5 minutes. Alert will appear in upper right corner
Amazon Lightning Deals – Get Upto 70% off on Everything
Amazon: Lightning Deals – 10th January, 2016 
₹198.00 (43% off)
₹236.00 (61% off)
₹1,365.00 (64% off)
₹108.00 (10% off)
₹149.00 (33% off)
₹298.75 (37% off)
₹122.65 (51% off)
₹36.00 (10% off)
Things to Know:
  • There is a time limit and a claim limit on every deal.  It can vary from a few of the items to hundreds.  Go into the deals expecting them to go fast.
  • The deal is gone once the time limit or the claim limit is reached (which ever limit is hit first).  BUT you can still get the deal if you miss it.  Join the waiting list, and hang out on Amazon.  (See Winning the Wait List War below)
  • Lightning Deals run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  We can’t possibly post them all so be sure to check for new ones right here!
  • There are different deals starting as often as every 15 minutes!
  • Lightning Deals are subject to change!  Sometimes they run out of stock, or other unknown factors and deals change at the last minute. So be sure to check the deal list ahead of time, get into the right category, and and find the deal you want before the scheduled start time, so you aren’t waiting around for a deal that got moved or eliminated.  If deals are ending, it can change the page they are on, so sorting by category (see how below!) is the FASTEST way to sort through the deals.

Winning the Wait List War:

When you get a lightning deal in your cart, you have 15 minutes to checkout.  If you don’t checkout during that time, it becomes available again, and goes to the first person on the waiting list.  MANY times people click claim before they even check the price or details to make sure they can snag it if they end up wanting it.
  • Be sure to stay on the Amazon website, because you only have 3 minutes to claim the deal when it becomes available to you.
  • Refresh your Amazon page every 2 minutes to make sure it isn’t your turn to claim it.
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