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5 Mind Blowing Trick To Manipulate Your Target To Log In Your Facebook Phishing Page

Phishing is a popular attack method used by hackers to hack facebook account. It is so popular because Phishing attacks are quite easy to perform. One can download free phishing script from Internet and upload it using free web-hosting site. But the problem is how you can convince( or better say it manipulate) your target to input login detail in your fake phishing page. Here is 5 mind blowing tricks which you can use to perform a successful Phishing attack.

  1. Facebook Autoliker.

Autoliker is a tool which is used to generate unlimited likes on facebook status/image/profile picture. There are numerous online autoliker tool but most of them are fraud/difficult to use/full of annoying ad. Only a few autoliker are easy-to-use and ad free. And, it is quite difficult to find good working autoliker site.
So, you can use this trick to manipulate the target. How? It is quite easy. Make a phishing page. Send link to target. Tell him that he can get unlimited like on his profile picture using this link. Chances are that your target will use your phishing page link in hope of getting likes.
2. Facebook Keylogger.
As being a blog owner, I spend a lot of time on Social Networking site to promote my blog. I promote my blog in various facebook hacking group. It provides me the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. There I notice that (probably you too have noticed it) a lot of people are n00b or Script Kiddies. They don’t know the basics of Computer, Networking, Programming, Internet and completely rely on software like Keylogger and RAT. What if I say you can hack these n00bs too??? Well, it is not that tough. As I have mentioned earlier, these guys use keylogger and continuously search a new, good and efficient keylogger which is of course free. So, you can trap all such guys easily. You need to create a simple story like this- “I have a facebook online keylogger which can hack the password of all facebook friends in my profile. It breaks the encrypted password of their facebook account and get access to hacked account.” After that, provide a link to download Facebook Online Keylogger. Here, you can provide link of your Phishing page. I ensure you that finally you will get a lot of Facebook Password.
3. Earn Money On Facebook.
Money is what we all want to possess. You, Me, others- all wants a few extra bucks. There is nothing wrong in it. But, what if I say you can manipulate this human tendency to hack your target. You can perform a successful Phishing attack using this trick. Alike previous method, you can create a message like this- “Hello, I have earned $ 10 in 5 hours using Facebook. Anyone having a facebook account, can earn money using this trick. To know more, click on the given link.” And provide the link of your Phishing page. You can trap many-a-user using this trick.
4. New Look of Facebook.
Facebook is No 1 social networking site and it is not too easy to ensure 1st position in any field. The secret is- New and Fresh Look. You can easily notice slight modification in look, appearance, content, T&C of Facebook. So, you can use this trick to manipulate the target. You can send the link of your phishing page with a message like this-“Hi, This is the new look of Facebook. I have liked it a lot due to its awesome features. You must try it for once.” I bet that there are many fool guys around you who will try the new look of Facebook!
5. Connect with Celebrities.
People use Social Networking sites to connect with their family, colleagues and friends. They also follow celebrities on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with them. Generally, people follow actors, actress, cricketer, players, politicians, media person on Facebook. You can manipulate and hack people using this trick. I have used this trick many-a-time and my observation is that it really works. Let me share my own story (as everyone likes to read story!). It was June of 2014. Football World Cup was on it’s peak and people were crazy for Messy, Neymar, Hulk and Mular. I was at my home- listless and bored. Suddenly, an idea hit my mind. It was- I can use FIFA World Cup 2014 to hack my friend. I created a phishing page and redirected it to Facebook fan page of Argentina Football Team. It means that if you input your login detail in that page and click on Log In button then you will be redirected to Argentina Football fan page. I sent the link to my friend and asked him to like the page. Can you guess what happened next? Well, I got the username and password of my friend. So, it is quite effective method and you too can use it to hack your target.
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